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Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Lahore

For any new bride, two of her biggest worries are her bridal dress and bridal makeup. It’s a big deal because your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, so you can’t just beat around the bush and pick any bridal makeup artist to make you look your best. So we decided to jot down a list of the top bridal makeup artists and salons in Lahore, and in case you’re getting engaged, are a mehndi bride, nikkah bride, or it’s your rukhsati or valima, if you want to book a bridal makeup artist or salon for your wedding, you’d know that these are some of the most talented MUA’s.

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Sehrish Amir is one of the leading bridal makeup artists in Lahore and will transform you in a heartbeat. Her signature style gives every new bride a beautiful glow with flushed cheeks and accentuated gold smokey eyes.


There’s a subtle softness about a Zara Gul bride, so you’d be lucky to get your makeup done by this talented makeup artist. One of Zara Gul’s makeup is the focus on the eyes, making it one of your best features.


Shoaib Khan is multi-talented; therefore, a Shoaib Khan bride will look graceful yet beautiful on her wedding day. He has the power to create a perfectly balanced bridal look. See who else, along with Shoaib Khan, is considered one of Pakistan’s top 8 hair and makeup artists.


Ammara is young, superbly talented, and has the magic to transform her brides from radiant-looking to extremely breathtaking in a few hours.


Uzma Ashfaq bride is an outstanding beauty created like a dream for her big day.

ETHEREAL SALON If you choose Ethereal Salon for your wedding, be sure to know that they will give you a natural glow and smooth out any kinks to create the perfect bride.


Hifsa Khan is another name in the beauty biz and adorns her brides for their big day. She certainly has the magical touch she is known for by giving her brides that dreamy, glowy and beautiful look.


Mariam Khawaja is another name that can make her brides look modern yet traditional at the same time. From going dramatic to creating a chic bride, Mariam Khawaja knows how to spoil a girl on her big day.


If you’ve decided to go for a more dramatic (in a minimal way) bridal look, Numrams does that beautifully. There’s a certain kind of rawness in her bride that also comes off as poised.


Another bridal makeup salon on our radar. Makeup Studio by Mehwish does glowy brides with a smooth finish that reflects on every bride you see on their official Instagram. I have one word for her brides, “Sublime”!

Sunil-Makeup Artist in Lahore

Sunil is a freelance makeup artist whose work speaks for itself, and he also takes bridal bookings! Freelance makeup artists who also work with brands are all the rage nowadays because their work is atypical, just like Sunil’s. Want something new yet amazing executed?

Fatima Nasir-Makeup Artist in Lahore

Nasir is a relatively newer name and brand, but her work is to die for, especially as a bride. She understands the modern-day bride’s memo: natural with glassy skin. No bold desi tones! Moreover, you could always pick out a reference for her from her shoot’s works, and that can be replicated (because they’re amazing).

Sameera-Makeup Artist in Lahore

We’re especially in love with this makeup artist because she’s part of an incredible sister duo– she does the makeup, and her sister does photography. Sameera’s work is dynamic and can suit the needs of her clients; she does heavy makeup as well as the ‘natural’ look for brides. Her work on the Abhinav Mishra campaign has got to be the best one!

The Makeup Studio-Makeup Artist in Lahore

The makeup studio by Sehrish is also one of the brilliant makeup artists based in Lahore. She deals with glam vibes for brides and tilts more on the heavier side, but so do some brides. We’re especially in love with how she creates dramatic eyes like a typical Pakistani bride, and it’s beautiful. Have a look at her work:

Izza Zahur-Makeup Artist in Lahore

Izza Zahur’s makeup is also enviable. The makeup artist has a wide range of styles that she executes on her brides, but the result is always the same: the makeup is incredible. From more modern glam vibes to traditional reds, she has it down.

Zainab Khalid-Makeup Artist in Lahore

Last but so not least, Zainab Khalid is a well-established name in the makeup industry. She knows her work, no bluff, and she ensures all her brides leave satisfied. The work is seamless and glowing and ensures you, as a bride, look your very best.

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