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popular car brands in Pakistan

Pakistan Auto Policy 2021-2026 welcomes new car manufacturers in Pakistan to begin manufacturing cars.

It works well. We have a long list of the top car manufacturers in Pakistan. The government started this to meet the demand for car brands in Pakistan.

The government has limited the importation of used cars to promote the trend towards locally produced cars. To help Pakistan grow its local auto industry, ending the monopoly on used car imports is important.

Under the new Auto Policy, the government has relieved local manufacturers to encourage this trend. This will make it easier for them to introduce cars in Pakistan.

Most new companies focus on subcompact SUVs and crossovers. Others have introduced new sedans to the market.

In Pakistan, many car brands are currently trending and are best sellers. People are attracted to certain companies that have the best-selling cars.

This article will detail the 2022 most popular car brands in Pakistan.

Overview for popular car brands

Great car brands bless the Pakistani economy. They work very efficiently to support the growth of the country.

Top car companies offer many options for cars in Pakistan. You can choose and purchase within your budget.

The huge selection of cars has also solved the problem of price range. According to previous records, the Enthusiast is the best car maker in Pakistan.

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1. Hyundai

10+ most popular car brands in Pakistan

Hyundai Nishat Motors Limited will be the country’s largest and most popular automobile brand by 2022. The brand is a South Korean automobile multinational and the company manufactures a variety of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and trucks.

However, Hyundai’s most popular vehicle models include the Accent, Elantra Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson, Genesis, and Genesis. In addition to manufacturing auto parts and operating auto repair centres, the company offers financial services.

The car is regarded as the most reliable brand by automotive consumers. Hyundai will be the most popular car brand in Pakistan by 2022

2. Toyota:

Toyota is one of the most well-known Japanese car brands and operates in Pakistan under Indus Motor Corporation.

The car giant is an old local automaker in Pakistan, and they are part of a big step in growing the local market.

However, Toyota provides high-quality cars in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the sedan market is very popular. Toyota has been working in Pakistan for a long time.

In Pakistan, the company offers a very small number of locally produced cars compared to its global offerings. All its cars are popular in Pakistan.

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3. MG:

MG is a world-renowned and large automotive company. Whereas, MG is the abbreviation for Morris Garages.

A British automobile manufacturer, Morris Garages, was founded in 1924 with a brilliant idea. MG was recently introduced to Pakistan by a joint venture of SAIC and JW SEZ Pvt. Ltd.

It has also become a popular brand of cars in Pakistan by 2022. MG is thus the fastest-growing brand in the entire world, including Pakistan.

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4. Honda Atlas:

Honda is the best-selling car brand in many developing countries. Honda’s brand is valued at $22,98 billion. Honda’s passenger cars are the main source of revenue.

Honda established its Lahore manufacturing plant in 1994 when it entered the Pakistani marketplace.

Since then, the company has become one of Pakistan’s largest automakers, with models like the Civic, City and BR-V.

5. Changan:

In 2022, Changan Automobile will be one of Pakistan’s top three car brands. Changan, a Chinese automotive manufacturer, is located in Pakistan.

The company sells its vehicles under the brand name Changan and Oshan. Master Changan Motors Limited, a partnership between two automotive brands, Changan Automobile China & Master Motors Corporation Pakistan, is also a subsidiary of Master Changan Motors Limited.

In 2018, the company began operations in Pakistan. The company has set up a car manufacturing plant in Karachi, Pakistan. The company produces Mazda cars, minivans and trucks, and SUVs.

6. DFSK:

Dongfeng Sokon Automobile (DFSK Motor) is a partnership signed between Dongfeng Motor, and Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Co Ltd.

DFSK Motor is the world’s leading automobile manufacturer. The company was founded on 27th June 2003. The brand is present in more than 70 countries.

DFSK produces and offers a variety of car models, including crossover SUVs and mini trucks. The company offers two brands, DFSK & SERES, and four product lines, DFSK Glory, SF, ix.

DFSK will be the fourth most popular brand of cars in Pakistan by 2022 due to its high-tech and reliable products.

7. PAK Suzuki:

10+ most popular car brands in Pakistan

Suzuki has been in Pakistan for a long time. Suzuki offers a wide range of small cars in Pakistan at affordable prices.

However, Suzuki cars are popular in Pakistan. PAK Suzuki provides lightweight, fuel-efficient cars and improves the performance of engines in Pakistan.

Due to the high cost of petroleum products, Suzuki offers fuel-efficient cars that Pakistan needs. Suzuki offers a variety of car options to compete in the small-car market.

8. Haval:

Haval, the world’s most popular automobile brand, was acquired by Great Wall Motors (a Chinese automaker) in March 2013.

It is now working in over 30 countries, including Pakistan. The company is specialized in producing crossovers and SUVs.

Haval Pakistan has also introduced in Pakistan its two SUVs, Haval Jolion and Haval H6. However, Haval Jolion is already at Sazgar Engineering Works Limited.

Haval will be one of the most popular brands in Pakistan by 2022, as more people prefer Haval SUVs.

9. KIA:

KIA has been rated the best automaker in Pakistan due to its high-quality vehicles and the variety of choices they provide.

A Korean automaker, collaborates with Lucky Motors in Pakistan to introduce cars. Moreovre,KIA offers SUVs, Hatchbacks and the recently introduced subcompact Crossover.

All of its vehicles perform well and are very reliable on Pakistan Road. The company offered cars for very low prices. The company offers a wide range of cars on the global market, but not in Pakistan

10. Cherry:

Chery, a Chinese company owned by the Chinese government, was founded in China in 1997. Cherry Motors was introduced by Gandhara Nissan Limited in Pakistan in 2021.

The company designs manufactures, and sells passenger cars, people-movers, SUVs and sedans. Cherry also has released several models of vehicles, such as the Tiggo 4 and 7 SUVs, Exceed TX, and Arrizo 5.

Cherry is ranked as Pakistan’s sixth most popular automotive brand by 2022.

11. Proton:

Proton Holdings Berhad, a Malaysian automobile manufacturer and corporation, is in Malaysia. The Malaysian state founded it in 1985 and made it Malaysia’s sole manufacturer of national-badged cars.

The company engages in various activities, including car manufacturing, distribution and sales. Alhaj Automotive will own and operate Proton in Karachi’s Greenfield site by the end of 2020.

The company also produces automobiles of CBU models, C-segment, SUVs, and sedans in Pakistan.

The reliability and technology of Proton cars are the most popular among Pakistani vehicle enthusiasts. The Proton Saga, a new-generation leader vehicle, sets standards for comfort, reliability and strength while remaining affordable.

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