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Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Explore the hair color options in Pakistan by following this guide on the top 10 hair color brands, which include Keune, Garnier, Loreal, Revlon, Wella Soft Color, Black Rose, Schwarzkopf, Olivia, and Vatika. Explore a variety of shades, coverings, and costs for an informed decision and make a stylish one.

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Take a trip through the myriad of hair style options as we discover the 10 top hair color brands that are making an impact in Pakistan. The professionalism and quality of Keune to the ease of Garnier and the international appeal of Loreal each brand are part of the wide range of shades of hair available in Pakistan.

Understanding Hair Color

In the wide array of shades for hair, knowing the subtleties can help you find the ideal color match. It doesn’t matter if you favor the natural beauty of Garnier or Loreal’s international appeal; every shade has an entirely unique story, expressing your style and personality.

List of top 10 hair color brands: Let your hair express your personality

Garnier Hair Color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Garnier is a well-known brand among the best hair color brands that has established its name through Color Naturals, which offers many shades. It is adored for its organic ingredients and durable shade. It caters to diverse preferences, offering a satisfying coloring experience.

Keune Hair Color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

A stalwart within the industry, Keune stands out for its top-quality products among the hair color brands. The company is famous for its longevity and consistency of results, and the Keune color range is a popular choice for those seeking a salon-quality experience at home.

Loreal Hair Color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Loreal, a global company, is bringing its Parisian elegance to Pakistan. The hair colors of Loreal associates themselves with elegance and modernity, with a rich range that can be adapted to the tastes of different people.

Revlon Hair Color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Revlon is a popular among the hair color brands that is famous for its high-end products and affordable prices. With a range of shades and a range of formulations that are user-friendly and easy to use, the Revlon hair color range is an ideal choice for those who want to strike a balance between fashion and budget.

Wella Soft Color Hair Color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Wella Soft Color Hair Color blends the appeal of color with a soft formula. People love the softness and shine it brings, which makes it an ideal option for those who value both hair health and color.

Dupas hair color

Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Dupas is among the top international cosmetics brands and its hair coloring products have earned it a reputation for their high quality. Offering a variety of gorgeous shades that will satisfy each woman. The formula is rich in Aloe Vera and Corn Oil extracts, giving users the required care to counteract the chemical effects of hair shade.


Schwarzkopf is a world-class brand has brought its experience to Pakistan. It is famous for its innovative formulations. Schwarzkopf’s hair color options are innovative and ensure that users are in-tune by choosing their hair color.


Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Olivia is a brand that, through its herbal formulas, taps to the ever-growing desire for ingredients that are natural. It is loved by those looking for a harmonious mix of colour and the goodness of the natural world.


Top 10 hair color brands in Pakistan

Vatika is a brand that has the roots of herbal treatment and provides a unique method of hair coloring. With a focus on natural extracts, Vatika’s collection is the ideal choice for those who are looking for an holistic approach to haircare.

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Expert Advice and Recommendations

Our expert analysis reveals the distinct advantages for each of the brands. You may be drawn to Keune’s professionalism, Garnier’s natural charm, or Loreal’s international appeal Our recommendations can help you find the brand that matches your personal preferences.

FAQs about Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

Which Revlon hair color is ideal for covering gray hair?

The Revlon ColorSilk range is well-known for its outstanding grey coverage. It offers bright color and solves grey hair issues.

Are Olivia’s hair hues free of harmful chemicals?

Olivia concentrates on natural formulas, which reduce the need for harsh chemicals and offer an alternative to coloring.

Does Vatika offer different shades?

Vatika’s range includes various shades that let users play around with shades based on their personal preferences.

Can Schwarzkopf hair shades be employed at home?

The company recommends to follow the guidelines closely to get the best outcomes when using it at home.

What’s the thing that makes Wella Soft Color Hair Color so special?

The Wella soft color hair dye stands out due to its gentle formula that gives bright color without compromising on health.


In conclusion, the universe of hair coloring within Pakistan is as varied as the cultural tapestry of Pakistan. From the international brands such as Loreal to any local brand, there’s a brand that will suit your style. With this list of top 10 hair color brands let your hair express your personality with confidence and style.

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