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Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands – 2024

The cosmetic industry in Pakistan has undergone a remarkable transformation, witnessing the rise of numerous homegrown brands that have not only gained popularity within the nation but have also made a mark on the global beauty stage. These top 10 Pakistani makeup brands cater to an extensive range of beauty requirements, reflecting the cultural tapestry of the country while incorporating innovation and creativity. In this article, we delve into the world of Pakistani cosmetic brands that have garnered a devoted following among makeup enthusiasts.

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List of Top 10 Pakistani Makeup Brands

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics adds a distinctive touch to Pakistani makeup brands. Founded by the renowned actress Atiqa Odho, the brand captures her elegance and grace. Offering an array of makeup products, from timeless silk foundations to captivating eye shadows and cheek tints, the brand reflects Atiqa Odho’s signature style.

Massarat Misbah

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

The brainchild of makeup virtuoso Masarrat Misbah, this brand is a tribute to inclusivity. With a strong emphasis on catering to diverse skin tones, Massarat Misbah is celebrated for its opulent silk foundations, exquisite lip colors, and enchanting eyeshadows. Uncompromising quality and a commitment to diversity define this brand.

Luscious Cosmetics

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Luscious Cosmetics has not only caught the eye with its top-notch products but also through its elegant and sophisticated packaging. From captivating eyeshadow palettes to long-lasting lip glosses, Luscious offers an expansive assortment of makeup products catering to a wide array of preferences. The brand’s dedication to keeping pace with trends and its cruelty-free ethos contribute to its allure.

Bling by Nadia Hussain

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Renowned model and actress Nadia Hussain has stepped into the cosmetic domain with Bling, infusing glamour into Pakistani makeup brands. The brand boasts glitter-infused eyeshadows and radiant highlighters, effortlessly adding a touch of glitz to any makeup look. Bling’s charm emanates from its sparkle and radiance, mirroring Hussain’s own glamorous persona.

WB by Hemani

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Initially acclaimed for its herbal wellness range, Hemani‘s expansion into the beauty sector with WB (waseem badami) Cosmetics is noteworthy. The brand distinguishes itself by seamlessly blending traditional herbal ingredients with contemporary Pakistani makeup trends. This distinctive approach has led to an array of products, including skin-tone friendly silk foundations, promoting holistic well-being and beauty.

Miss Rose

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Miss Rose has rapidly gained traction due to its affordability and consistent quality. The brand offers a wide spectrum of makeup products, ranging from silk foundations to captivating eyeshadows, catering to both everyday makeup looks and transformative styles. Miss Rose’s alignment with international trends adds to its widespread appeal.

Rivaj UK

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Rivaj UK brings global beauty trends at an accessible price point, presenting an array of skincare and makeup products. Vibrant eyeshadow palettes and trendy cheek tints, designed for various skin tones, resonate with budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts.


Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Zayfied promises a luxurious makeup experience that harmoniously melds practicality with opulence. The brand’s repertoire includes high-quality silk foundations, captivating eyeshadows, and exquisite lip glosses. Zayfied’s chic and sleek packaging stands as a testament to its commitment to providing a premium beauty journey.


Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Synonymous with professional makeup, Krylon remains a staple among makeup artists due to its high coverage and enduring formulas. Its extensive range encompasses silk foundations, top-tier makeup brushes, and more, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring flawless outcomes.

Beautify by Amna

Top 10 Pakistani makeup brands - 2023

Emerging as a prominent player, Beautify by Amna has gained recognition for innovation and educational online tutorials. From cutting-edge makeup tools to captivating eyeshadow palettes, the brand empowers users to achieve impeccable looks while staying attuned to trends.

In conclusion, the makeup industry in Pakistan flourishes with a diverse array of homegrown cosmetic brands, each catering to unique beauty needs. From classics like Medora Cosmetics to contemporary innovators like Beautify by Amna and the distinctive elegance of Atiqa Odho Cosmetics, these brands collectively contribute to the vibrant makeup scene in Pakistan while making a global impact.

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Are these Pakistani cosmetic brands available internationally?
Yes, many of these brands have gained international recognition and are available for purchase online, allowing makeup enthusiasts from around the world to access their products.

Are these brands suitable for all skin tones?
Yes, these brands emphasize inclusivity and offer products that cater to a diverse range of skin tones, ensuring that everyone can find products that suit their complexion.

What sets Pakistani cosmetic brands apart from international brands?
Pakistani cosmetic brands often infuse cultural elements and traditional beauty practices into their products, offering a unique blend of innovation and heritage.

Can I find both affordable and premium products from these brands?
Yes, these brands offer a wide range of products to cater to different budget preferences, ensuring that quality makeup is accessible to all.

Are these brands cruelty-free?
Many of these brands have embraced cruelty-free practices, reflecting a growing global trend towards ethical beauty products.

Can I find makeup tools and brushes from these brands?
Absolutely, Several of these brands offer a variety of makeup tools, including brushes, to help you achieve professional-quality makeup looks.

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