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Top Winter Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2024

Winter in Pakistan is a cherished season for most, offering respite from scorching summers and an opportunity to enjoy a range of activities unique to the cooler months. To fully savor this season, it’s essential to have the right winter clothing that keeps you warm and stylish. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top winter clothing brands in Pakistan for 2024. These brands ensure you stay cozy while making a fashion statement.

Alkaram A Top Winter Clothing Brand

Alkaram is renowned for its winter collections that combine affordability and style. They offer a diverse range of clothing for women, men, and children, encompassing both eastern and western styles. Alkaram’s winter collection includes a splendid array of shawls, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, capes, ponchos, and coats. These are available in various colors and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect winter wear for your needs.

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Maria B A Household Name in Winter Fashion

Maria B is a familiar name in Pakistani fashion. Their winter collection caters to the moderate and deep winter seasons with a variety of materials. Linen dresses with chiffon dupattas, adorned with intricate prints and embroidery, are ideal for the early winter months. For the coldest part of the year, Maria B presents linen dresses paired with luxurious velvet shawls, ensuring warmth and comfort.

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Bareeze A Brand with Eye-catching Patterns

Bareeze is a winter clothing brand that stands out for its high-quality fabrics and captivating patterns. The brand combines digital prints and embroidery work to create unique winter outfits. Bareeze is known for offering clothing for all seasons and special occasions, always in line with the latest fashion trends. The Bareeze winter collection is no exception, featuring the latest trends and stunning designs to elevate your style during the colder months. These outfits can be worn both casually and for formal events.

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Nishat Linen All About Warmth and Style

Nishat Linen’s winter collection caters to all your warm clothing needs during the winter season. This brand offers a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, khaddar, and karandi. The winter collection features both unstitched and ready-to-wear suits, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your style and preferences. For those eagerly awaiting the Nishat Linen Winter Collection, it’s now available with a variety of options to keep you warm and stylish.

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Sana Safinaz A Palette of Thirty Different Hues

Sana Safinaz’s winter collection, named Muzlin, introduces fresh patterns in a palette of thirty different hues. The Muzlin collection is crafted from Linen and Cotton Satin fabrics that provide warmth during the chilly months. These winter dresses come with elegant Kashmiri shawls to add an extra touch of sophistication to your winter fashion. The use of dark colors in this collection not only provides warmth but also keeps you on-trend.

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Gul Ahmed Cozy Shawls and Dupattas

Gul Ahmed, a well-known name in the fashion industry, has also launched its winter collection. The collection includes a wide range of cozy shawls and dupattas. Gul Ahmed’s winter designs are perfect for Pakistani and international women who appreciate stylish seasonal attire. These designs incorporate different color patterns and fabrics to cater to various preferences. With beautiful shawls in elegant designs, the Gul Ahmed winter collection is a must-see.

Ethnic by Outfitters Modern Clothing for All

Ethnic by Outfitters is another prominent brand in Pakistan, offering contemporary clothing for the younger generation. Their winter collection includes clothing for men, women, and even kids. During the winter season, Outfitters presents a trendy range of jackets, available in styles such as parkas, long jackets, and regular ones. These jackets are made from a variety of fabrics, including leather, sherpa, suede, denim, polyester, and wool, among others. Not only are these jackets fashionable, but they also provide practical warmth, making them a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

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Breakout Fashion for Trendy Men and Women

Breakout is a top western wear brand in Pakistan, specializing in fashionable clothing for trendsetting men and women. The brand offers a comprehensive range of premium-quality items, including jackets, hoodies, tops, denim, coats, sweaters, and shrugs, along with capes. Their winter clothing in Pakistan is worth exploring, with a decent range of standard sizes to cater to different body types. Breakout provides fashion-forward options for those looking to stay cozy and stylish during the winter months.

General Comparison:

BrandRange of FabricsDesign AestheticsPrice RangeShopping OptionsCustomer Reviews
AlkaramKhaddar, Cotton Satin, ViscoseBlend of traditional and modern stylesAffordableOutlets, OnlinePositive feedback
Maria BLinen, Chiffon, VelvetElegant and intricately adornedVaries by CollectionOutlets, OnlineHighly rated
BareezePremium FabricsEye-catching patterns and printsMid to HighOutlets, OnlinePositive reviews
Nishat LinenCotton, Linen, Khaddar, KarandiExtensive range of designsAffordableOutlets, OnlinePositive feedback
Sana SafinazLinen, Cotton SatinBroad palette of thirty huesVaries by CollectionOutlets, OnlineWell-received
Gul AhmedVarious fabricsFashion-forward seasonal attireMid to HighOutlets, OnlinePositive responses
Ethnic by OutfittersDiverse fabricsTrendy and modern stylesAffordableOutlets, OnlinePositive feedback
BreakoutPremium materialsTrendsetting and fashionable optionsVaries by ItemOutlets, OnlineHighly rated


Pakistan’s winter season is much-anticipated, and choosing the right winter clothing is essential for enjoying it to the fullest. The brands mentioned here, such as Alkaram, Maria B, Bareeze, Nishat Linen, Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, Ethnic by Outfitters, and Breakout, offer a wide range of options to help you stay warm and fashionable. Whether you prefer traditional eastern attire or are more inclined towards western styles, these brands have you covered. Make the most of the upcoming winter season by exploring their collections.

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